Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order ?

Simply select an item you want to purchase, pick your color and quantity. Add it to the cart and proceed to check out by following instructions on our website.

How do I know my order has been shipped?

We will send you a confimation once your order is shipped with tracking details. Just inform us how you would like your confirmation to be sent out for example: e-mail or text message.

What if I don't receive my package in time?

We make sure all parcels get delivered on time but somehow if thats not the case, please inform us as soon as possible so we can check with our carrier and try to resolve the issue. Please note - Delay due to Customs, weather or stat holiday can not be taken care of as we or any carrier company is not resposible for these delays.

What if I receive damaged products ?

We have been working really hard to make sure each one of our piece is exceptional and made of high quality material. But sometimes, which is very rare, it can be damaged during transit. We will be taking care of all faulty pieces that you receive. Please note that : All damaged products must be returned back to us within 7 days of its orginal purchase. Return shipping will not be covered by knot in style. For more details please visit- RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICIES.

What are different materials used in jewelry making ?

Our handcrafted jewelry is made of different materials which are really high quality. Polki - which is most commonly used in jewelry making and almost every girl loves to wear because of its versatility. It can go with various embroidery colors and has more contemperary look. Polki comes with Gold or Silver stones. It has more antique color to it than kundan. Kundan on the otherhand has more royal look. It has more brighter gold color to it than antique. Jadau is another material used in jewelry and is all gold with some pearls but fewer stones. It is more traditional of all.

Do I receive exactly similar products as shown in pictures ?

Yes, our products are 99% similar to what you see in the pictures and receive in person. Sometime screen lighting or image sizing can make a difference in color but chances are only 1%. If you are not satisfy with your purchase or it looks different than what you orginally saw on our website, please let us know by sending a review so we can improve our image quality.

How do I care for jewelry ?

Taking good care of jewelry makes a difference. It will last longer than usual. Simply put all your jewlery accessories in a airtight box and keep it untangled at all times. While travelling, use bubble wrap to pack it.

Can I fix fallen stone or pearl ?

Before packing orders we double check every item, making sure nothing has fallen apart like a stone or pearl. We never ship faulty pieces but this is what we do on our end. Realistically speaking, it can happen if your jewelry is tangled and hit the ground very hard by mistake. Thats why we suggest you to handle your pieces with care. - yes, you can easily reglue stone to its original place. (hack: use plucker to hold it in place and Krazy glue to attach it. ( glue brand is completely optional) - Yes, pearls can be fixed too. There is a small ring at the end of each joint (where pearls are attached to necklace or choker), simply put pearl back in that ring and carefully tighten it. (hack: use tweezer to tighten it)

How my items will be packed ?

When it comes to packing orders, we take extra time to make sure everything is in its original shape and there are no damaged products in your parcel. We use bubble mailers for shipping and before putting all items in the package, it is wrapped with bubble wrap twice, keeping it secure and snug. On top of that, we labelled all our parcel as "Fragile" so that extra care could be taken while in transit.

Can I return or exchange an item ?

Please check our return and exchange policies which can be found at bottom of any page.

Can I change address after placing order?

Yes definitely, you can change address by simply contacting us by e-mail, phone or submitting your request to our website. Check out contact info at bottom of any page. *Note: You can only change the address before shipping. Once your package is shipped, we are not able to do any changes.