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Styling wedding jewels Part-1 !

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

"Below are some inspirational ideas on how to choose color for your outfit and pair it with some of our amazing pieces"

We have been searching all over internet about some of the best colors you can wear on your big day and below is the list that we created -

1. From all the shades of red we chose - Dark Burgundy red

2. Pastel Pink

3. Pastel Mint

4. Pastel Blue

5. Pastel Orange

6. Creamy Off White

7. Light Henna Green

*Above are some images of the shades we are recommending for you guys to look for when choosing your wedding outfit and of course do consider your inner thoughts when designing your perfect Lehnga while searching out some outer inspiration.

* You can either do color contrast or make a single colored outfit.

* Pick your primary color for the outfit of your choice and then wisely select secondary color when doing contrast.

* If your primary color is dull and dark, we suggest going a bit lighter color for contrast. For example : If you choose dull navy blue colored outfit (primary color) , then go with light dull peach, mint or even blue (few colors to name). When you pick a bright color (primary color) outfit , secondary color should be more soothing. It will look more elegant and your overall outfit will stand out not just the part of it.

* Selecting a single colored outfit is in trend right now. We see a lot of pictures online where brides wear dull colors rather than going for brighter ones. You can have a look above at our suggested color list that we picked after doing quite a bit search online.

" On to Jewels"

Next step when designing your perfect look includes JEWELRY. Like Ann Demeulemeester said that " A piece of Jewelry is often a piece of art" and we completely agree with it. Below are some tips choosing your jewels to complete your dream wedding look ~

* If you are planning to wear red colored wedding lehnga on your big day, consider wearing neutral jewelry with it for example: golden beige or creamy off white. For contrast, go with dark green or light mint green or peach color. We are sharing some of the jewelry pieces available in our store that could be a perfect match with your outfit.

Check out our "LAVISH COLLECTION" available at :

* Now if you are planning to wear pastel colors, go for more dark colored jewelry. For example: if you are wearing light pink or peach colored lehnga - pair it up with dark maroon or burgundy red color , henna green or dark navy blue. Wear neutral jewels if you don't want to contrast.

* There are so many different types of jewelry materials like Kundan, Polki, Pachi Kundan, Oxidized jewels and American Diamond. It is your personal choice of selecting out of these. Usually it depends on kind of embroidery your outfit has. We will leave this here and explain the details in our next blog which will be more focused on different types of material used for jewels and also recommended style of embroideries that go with it.

"Thank you so much to all of you who took some time out from their busy schedule and read our blog! We are looking forward to share some more thoughts about Styling Wedding Outfits part -2 really soon."

Stay tuned!

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